Pre-Order Your Gamebore Shells for the 2024 World FITASC Championship Now

You can now pre-order your favourite Gamebore cartridges for the 2024 World FITASC Championship

Competitors at the 2024 World FITASC Sporting Championships can now pre-order their Gamebore shells for collection at the event.

Taking place in Wisconsin, at the Game Unlimited Hunting Club from 27th to 30th June, the major championship will attract the world's most serious of competitive clay shooters all competing for the World Champion trophy.

A range of Gamebore shells will be available at the event, including White Gold, Dark Storm, Rose Gold and Onyx. They can be pre-ordered now for collection at the venue during the week of the championship.

Click on the cartridges below to pre-order;

12G Rose Gold 1oz (28gr) 7.5, Plastic Wad
12G White Gold 1oz (28gr) 7.5, Plastic Wad 
12G Dark Storm 1oz (28gr) 7.5 (2.4mm), Plastic Wad
12G Dark Storm 1oz (28gr) 7.5X (2.5mm), Plastic Wad
12G Onyx 1oz (28gr) 7,5X (2.5mm), Plastic Wad

We wish you all the very best of luck in the competition!

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