QUALITY AND innovation

Deeply committed to innovation within the shotgun cartridge industry, we continue to work tirelessly to produce the highest quality products using only the best components, providing revolutionary products including our exclusive Diamond Shot and Quad Seal.

We are the only UK ammunition producer to hold the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certification  – applicable from cartridge manufacture to in-house standards and customer specification including lead shot making, cartridge assembly, packaging and printing.

AMMO for all shOTS, from NOVICES to world champions

Our range includes cartridges for shooters at every stage of their development, from the beginning to the 28 time world champ.

Designed to develop your performance and help you achieve excellent results, we give equal consideration to the shooter, the gun and the target for all round comfort coupled with high performance. We also consider its impact on the environment, creating greener options for shooting venues where plastic-free wads or non-toxic pellets are needed.

Gamebore is the choice of some of the world's best pro shooters

The Gamebore shooter aims to maintain the ethics of good sportsmanship, results and style.

An understanding of our sport and an appreciation of the fine detail that goes into every product we make means that Gamebore ammo is used by some of the best pro shots in the world - shooters at the very top of their game choose Gamebore.

"We strive for the best, nothing less"

The only British shotgun cartridge manufacturer to hold quality standard BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certification - we hold extremely high in-house standards covering our lead shot making, assembly, packaing, printing and more.

In-house production for total quality control

Renowned worldwide for innovation, quality, high performance, attention to detail and impeccable customer service, Gamebore are a world leader in ammo manufacturing.

Our production is entirely in-house, giving us the ability to control all aspects to the high standards we're known for.

Our values are built on a solid foundation of British heritage underpinned by our investment in advanced manufacturing.

The only working shot tower in the UK, Gamebore's shot tower produces high precision lead shot exclusively for Gamebore cartridges, while our on-site Bismuth shot plant and up to the minute ballistics testing and loading equipment perfectly marry tradition with innovation.

"NO compromise"

All of our shot is manufactured to the highest possible standards with strict quality control, ensuring our customers received the very best performance ammunition available.

Gamebore proudly holds The Queens Award for Enterprise - a prestigious, globally recognised accolade of excellence for our international trade performance, exporting to over 40 countries worldwide.

We strive for, achieve and maintain the highest standards for our clientele. No compromise.


The proud British heritage

Combining the proud British heritage of shooting with innovative technical breakthroughs in advanced manufacture, Gamebore presents ammunition with the agility and prowess our international client base has come to expect from our award winning range of shotgun cartridges.

Spurred on by the drive to continue producing the very best products, we build upon our industrious past and decades of experience to create our illustrious future. 

We drive the Gamebore ethos of quality, performance and innovation through our product range – to give confidence, effortless usability and practicality on the range or in the field.

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